Top 5 boardgames for 5 players

What are your top 5 boardgames for 5-players? Here is my top 5 for 5: Welcome to Dino World by Alley Cat Games - is a great roll and write game that plays simultaneously (up to 50 lol). Loved playing with my family and easy to pick up with smart mechanics that make even the … Continue reading Top 5 boardgames for 5 players


Fantasy Defense

Fantasy Defense (spelt with the American, not English method) is a solo or two player cooperative fantasy tower defence theme card game. It is designed by Yoshiyuki Arai and published by Sweet Lemon Publishing.  Fantasy Defense is designed for 1-2 players aged 10+ and can play in 15 minutes according to the publisher. The campaign Fantasy Defense funded … Continue reading Fantasy Defense

Escape from the Dark Castle

Escape from the Dark Castle - a thematic adventure. The latest in kickstarter arrivals is a thematic co-op adventure filled with nostalgia and daring. Escape from the Dark Castle is a fantasy co-operative game for 1-4 players by Themeborne Games which plays in about 30 minutes a game. After escaping the dungeon your objective is … Continue reading Escape from the Dark Castle

Enchanters – a different campaign

Over the past year, I have backed a few different boardgame campaigns on Kickstarter. Many of those campaigns coincide with Christmas delivery. The first of which is Enchanters. Enchanters is a fantasy card drawing game. Taking cards from a journey track to make the most effective combination of items with enchantments to battle monsters or … Continue reading Enchanters – a different campaign

Daniel Aronson, the creator of THE ISLAND OF EL DORADO

An encouraging and engaging blog post on running anew Kickstarter. I love the energy and enthusiasm in the post and the clarity of how to tackle some of the challenges in running a Kickstarter.

A series of Kickstarter interviews

Tell us a bit about yourself and The island of Eldorado

Hey! I’m Daniel. I run a creative agency and recently designed this game! I grew up constantly playing games and making up little games. It seemed like every chore I had turned into a little game of some kind. 🙂

The Island of El Dorado is honestly so much fun. You are an explorer discovering an island in search of ancient Shrines. The Island is drastically different every time you play.

It’s a mash up of many different genres of games (I took inspiration from my favorite childhood games: Age of Empires, Catan, Risk, and many others). Even after hundreds and hundreds of playtests I still am standing up in excitement at the end of the games.

What did you do to build up a following before you launched the campaign?

Basically I just focused all my efforts on…

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